Research specialities: Canada, United States, Ireland, Scotland, Germany / Prussia, France, First Nation's Peoples of Canada. In over 20- years, we've searched the world for our clients and found us today to find your family!

ANCESTORS IN THE ATTIC is located close to the Library and Archives Canada, the City of Ottawa Archives and can arrange an inter-library loan of files from the Archives of Ontario (Toronto) to add us in your research. What a benefit to our clients that we can research Canadian collections on-site. That means, not only do we have hundreds of thousands of files at our fingertips, while at this location, we can request document copies. Likely giving our client's a quicker turnaround than other researchers.

Saying the above, we are certainly not limited to Canadian-only searches and are confident and experienced in obtaining world-wide results.

So where does your family search begin? It's easier and closer than you think. Simply click the 'PRE-SALES CONSULTATION FORM" button below.


Working in partnership

You are the most important research tool we have. We need your input to give us a direction and goal - even scant info can often be enough.  Therefore, please begin with the Pre-sales Consultation Form. Once we receive that info, we will be in touch. We're looking forward to working with you!

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