Our Guarantee To perform a reasonably exhaustive search for the parameters within your chosen plan. Once complete, supply any results, a list of citations, sites and resources searched.


1. Fill in our 'Pre-Sales Consultation Form'

  • In this form, available here you provide us the information you know, as well as what you would like us to learn in our research. 
  • Our representative will be in touch via email. They may ask for clarification, or other questions that ensures they have a clear vision of your scope of research.
  • The representative will direct you to one of our Research Plans based on they amount of hours they determine will help you reach your goal.
  • Please note, you are free to take any plan you like and are under no obligation to accept the recommendation.
  • We must stress that should you take a plan for less hours than recommended, we may not then have sufficient hours to find our information hoped for. However, you may add to your plan up to 4 months following and we will continue the research.


2. You decide on a Research Plan, then.....

  • You will first be sent to a page to e-sign an Agreement
  • From the Agreement page you will then visit our Payment page


3. Research begins

  • Your project is assigned to a researcher and the search to find your lineage begins.


4. Research completed

    • The reasonable exhaustive research is performed on your behalf. For every project, the deliverables created include:
    • A detailed listing of all the places/records/files where we searched for records, whether a record was located or not.
    • Documents or records if any found. (see deliverable section below)
    • A researcher's report: If we happen to find any interesting information, we will include that in this package.
    • We may offer recommendations or suggestions to assist you in future research


5. Deliverables reviewed

  • We create a dedicated and private web page and place your information online in .pdf files for you to download
  • If you wish a disk with this information, do let us know before research begins. There is an extra charge of $50 CDN for this service


Please read the Terms, Conditions, Limitations, Definitions page

Working in partnership

You are the most important research tool we have. We need your input to give us a direction and goal - even scant info can often be enough.  Therefore, please begin with the Pre-sales Consultation Form. Once we receive that info, we will be in touch. We're looking forward to working with you!

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